supercross jump

Supercross is an exciting sport where the very best of American riders are competing for AMA (American Motorcycle Association) title. It is even more popular than the AMA Motocross series in the United States. This year’s champion Ryan Dungy was rookie in the series and beat class favorite and legend James Stewart.  Ryan went on to take the outdoor Motocross series as well.

Supercross is Motocross on a tight track often in a stadium or county fair arena.  It features large jumps, tight turns, and very close racing.  This makes it harder than Motocross and requires greater physical conditioning than most sports.  It is no surprise that the best racers are also the best Motocross racers in the World.

It can be raced by anyone that is not faint of heart if you like big jumps, big whoops and tight turns with a lot more bumping and grinding than this is the sport for you!

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