Vintage Motocross Racing

Vintage Motocross Racing has 3 major sanctioning bodies with AHRMA being the oldest. The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association Ltd. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to restoring and competing on classic motorcycles. With about 5,000 members,AHRMA is the largest vintage racing group in North America and one of the biggest in the world. The association has grown steadily over the years, reflecting the increasing interest in classic bikes. It's biggest segement is Motocross with a National racing series consisting of best of 8 races. Groups are divided by year, size and age groups. Women also have a group.

Ahrma Race Video (home state Colorado)

The second largest and growing is Avdra started by Dave Boydston and his great vintage supply company AMS. Dave always gets the right part and sends it promptly I use them and will continue to use them they did not pay or ask me say that. AVDRA started Dave wrote: "in 1990 a friend and I went to Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernadino So Cal to watch the U.S. GP 500 World MX Round. At this race "Vintage Iron" had put together an exhibition vintage mx race for half time. It was here I saw all the bikes from my racing past.

CZ's, Husky's, Maico's, Honda's, Yamaha YZ's, Kawasaki KX's, Ossa's, Bultaco's, Montesa's, and even a Boyd & Stellings CZ 400 ridden by Jim O'Neil! Famous racers from the past were everywhere. Brad Lackey, Barny Higgins, Kenny Zahrt, Jim & Ron Pomeroy, Rex Staten, Marty Tripes, Marty Smith, Tommy Croft, and those were just some of the big names.

I was hooked!

Afterwards we drove back to Arizona talking about the race the whole trip home. That next week, I went to the then CMC Promoters John Miller & Frank Pertenno, and asked them if I could put on a half time race with vintage bikes - They said yes, and the rest is Arizona Vintage MotoX history.

With the help of Edwards Cycle, Bob's Used Parts, and AMS Racing, the first vintage race in Arizona was a success! Before the day was over, John asked me if we could do this again next month at Canyon Raceway.

This was how the AVDRA got started. Since September 30th, 1990 the club has had many changes and has had many riders try their hand at VMX Arizona style.

Since the opening of "SpeedWorld MX Park" things have changed for the better and Dan Matthews has had a lot to do with the success of this Arizona based vintage group. Always willing to have his crew do what ever we needed.

AVDRA has made many changes over the past 17 years. At first we had only Vintage and Pre-78, and a little later we added ability levels; Novice, Intermediate, & Expert.

Then we added a 125cc class, a women's class, and as time went on we moved backwards to the Pre-65 Dino class and the Pre-70 class. Now we have added classes for bikes after vintage called GP classes for bikes up to about 84. We are also adding a new GP4 for a 10 year old machine.

A few years ago we added a new mini class and a modern support class and we are always looking to protect the true vintage bikes, the pre-74's.

Members of the AVDRA should be proud of what they have here in Arizona. We are very lucky! Many other clubs are looking at AVDRA for ideas and leadership. AVDRA has set the standard for local VMX.

The opening round for AHRMA's (American Historical Racing Motorcycle Association) National off-road series has begun in Arizona for the past eleven years, and has grown to a three day weekend that offers all of AHRMA's off-road series at one location. The crew of AVDRA has run this event, and it has become recognized as "one of the best," if not the best, off-road weekend of the whole national series. You can ride Trials, Hare Scrambles, Flat Track, T.T., PVMX, and VMX all at one location in one weekend, and none of the events overlap each other. So any rider can ride each and every event!

Dave Coupe has set a record for national overall wins (classes) in a weekend, with ten wins two years in a row and only eight the other one.

All this only happens when you can put together a dedicated and educated crew, and AVDRA has that! The AVDRA crew is second to none".

AVDRA video.

Hammer and Tongs Motocross is based in the Washinton state area. It is a simple independent club that ran a national mx seres in 2009 and then quit for some unknown reason. The Club has a great turnout and Hot Trophy Girls. His photography on the web site is suberb. My family lives in Washington I do want to try one of these fine vintage races. Hammer & Tongs used to run Washugal one of the best tracks in the country but frequent rain made a mess. Imagine rain in Washington thats new...

Hammer & Tongs

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